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Why choose Baker Tilly Global Tax Solutions

Baker Tilly GTS delivers a seamless solution for multinationals, by providing a single point of contact for clients and a dedicated team of central coordinators comprised of expert tax and advisory specialists based across the globe.

Our approach is streamlined and scalable, simplifying the work of cross-border business for clients.

We focus on the efficient delivery of quality tax and advisory services, so you can focus your time, efforts and resources in the places that matter.

Contact us today, for a no-obligation conversation about any global headaches or cross-border opportunities you would like to discuss.

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How we work

One contact

You will have a dedicated GTS account lead who will coordinate your tax and advisory projects, assembling teams of experts and managing delivery across countries and jurisdictions.

One contract

A single engagement agreement gives you access to experts across the world, while allocating risk clearly to avoid professional indemnity insurance concerns.

One central invoicing system

Our clients benefit from centralised, streamlined central invoicing approach, governed by agreed strict and clear invoicing guidelines.

One collaboration portal

Best practise in accountability and good governance ensures issues are dealt with professionally and efficiently.

One unmatched team

Never struggle for help in new jurisdictions again. Our global network and established relationships with global colleagues gives you a scalable, trusted solution as your business grows.

How we can help

Transfer pricing

Access transfer pricing specialists around the globe, with central oversight provided by the appropriate service line leaders from our global network.

Indirect, corporate and international tax

A dedicated team who can navigate the complexity of international tax systems, variable domestic obligations and worldwide tax affairs.

Global mobility

Scalable coverage across the spectrum of global mobility services, wherever your business takes you and your employees.

And more

Talk to us about how we can help with your cross-border advisory, IT or supply chain challenges.

Case studies

GTS helps navigate post-Brexit supply chains

A key client needed urgent restructuring of their European operations to address potential supply chain impacts resulting from Brexit — amid significant uncertainty and complexity for their operations.

Baker Tilly GTS was able to act as the conduit for this complex, evolving challenge, navigating both logistical and trade requirements between the UK and more than 15 EU countries. Our UK-based GTS team was the central coordinator for the project, communicating key requirements to other members of the project team, and ensuring efficient, high-quality delivery from local specialists in line with the urgent scope.

Our approach ensured timely, detailed and consistent advice on tax legislation across more than a dozen jurisdictions, with scheduled briefings for the client, daily progress report and devolved engagements where needed to ensure an efficient conclusion in a challenging timeframe.

Transfer pricing feasibility study

Baker Tilly Global Tax Solutions assisted one of its global clients in assessing the reasonableness of management charges to its overseas entities.
The existing Transfer Pricing policy remunerated the local entities on a cost-plus mark-up that had resulted in a disproportionate profit allocation with corresponding losses in the parent entity and a relatively high effective tax rate for the group.

In our efforts to determine the appropriate margins to be retained by the local entities, we had to fully understand the functions (i.e., key activities performed, assets owned and maintained, and the risk profiles) carried out by the parent entity and the local entities.

Our analysis included an assessment of the appropriate transfer pricing methodology to be adopted, and the strategy for the transfer pricing benchmarking search process moving forward with a view to reducing the effective tax rate for the group as a whole, to an appropriate level.

Applying robotics to streamline tax accounting

Baker Tilly Global Tax Solutions assisted a Fortune 500 global client with its annual Tax Provision exercise across various entities globally within a short timeframe.

Following this exercise, we recommended process enhancements that aligned with the client’s expectations. We later identified the potential to implement an Robotic process automation system within the process to improve the level of information gathered, resulting in a reduced time cost and lower risk of human errors whilst increasing the focus on reviewing and completing the returns in a timelier basis.

Due to the increase in the demand for such services, we believe that RPA tools are a highly valuable asset not only for the Baker Tilly Global Tax Solutions team, but also for the global clients we serve within the Baker Tilly network.

What our clients say

“Baker Tilly’s team are extremely proactive, keeping us informed of anything that could affect our business, their advice is always tailored and relevant. We very much view them as our trusted advisor, and they treat us like we are their only client.”

“The tax compliance team at Baker Tilly have a wholesome set of values which is congruent to us, they are trustworthy, nurture the relationship and have a client focus. The compliance service provided certainly adds value, is supportive and cooperative.”

“Very positive feedback on existing tax and accounting services across the globe plus assistance as we expand into more countries. Key teams in particular go above and beyond. Complex services are seamless, thanks to strong relationships. The central team are incredibly valuable to give oversight and help us manage resources.”

“We chose Baker Tilly as our European accounting and tax service provider, even though we did not fully believe it was possible for the team to deliver on all that was promised during the proposal and pitch process. We have been surprised by the dedication of the team and the fact that all promises have been kept.”

“We are very pleased with the chemistry and day-to-day management of our cooperation with the Baker Tilly team in relation to compliance and advisory projects. We have developed great relationships and in particular, our governance with regards to compliance obligations has improved following our transition to Baker Tilly. The support received from the Baker Tilly central team is excellent and their responsiveness to our regular requests is professional and very timely”.

“Baker Tilly’s central delivery methodology has proven highly effective and the complexity of the transition phase, which involved 25 countries simultaneously, was handled efficiently by the Baker Tilly team. The tax and accounting teams across the globe are proactive in communicating with us any potential risks and provide pragmatic solutions. The teams invest time in understanding our business and the level of responsibility and responsiveness is very much appreciated by us.”

What we offer

  • International tax
  • Global mobility
  • Mergers & acquisitions support
  • Tax due diligence
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax structuring, rationalisation and repatriation
  • Tax framework control systems and governance
  • Complex year-end tax reporting
  • Corporate and indirect tax
  • Supply chain restructuring and optimisation

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