Transfer Pricing

A transfer pricing strategy is vital in the current climate. Advice in the area of transfer pricing requires a significant level of attention to detail and a deep understanding of complex business operations. Our transfer pricing advisors endeavor to protect our clients through multinational co-operation, which the Baker Tilly International network and Baker Tilly Global Tax Solutions prides themselves upon.

Transfer pricing compliance requirements, country by country reporting and an ever changing landscape, makes transfer pricing one of the most fundamental tax issues facing multinational businesses, as demonstrated by our International Tax Survey.

Transfer pricing refers to the pricing policies adopted by groups of companies for transactions between companies in the group, such as the sale of goods, the provision of services, or the licensing and use of technology and intangible assets.

Many countries now have transfer pricing legislation empowering their tax authorities to tackled pricing perceived not to be at ‘arm’s length’.

All groups trading internationally can expect to be the subject of transfer pricing enquiries across the globe.

Our worldwide transfer pricing specialists collaborate efficiently to deliver global solutions for our clients that protect against the challenges posed by transfer pricing rules and interpretations.


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